Staff E-Mail Addresses
This is a list of e-mail addresses available for the staff of United Public School District. Be aware that not all staff are listed and that staff do not necessarily check their e-mail daily. In case of emergency or urgent questions, please contact our office numbers.

Staff Name
Email Address

Andersen, Kayla

Armstrong, Mariah

Bennett, Toni

Bonn, Tracy

Bosch, Susan

Brown, Mallory

Clark, Nicole

Drovdal, Stephanie

Garbe, Kathy

Hall, Angela

Heser, Lyndee

Hieb, Emily

Huck, Aaron

Johnson, Bethany

Johnson, Diana


Kester, Mary

Klein, Jean

Kuhnhenn, Shawn

Lautenschlger, Lorna

Miller, Linda

Nesdahl, Joey

Opland, Nicole

Peterson, Jenna

Powell, Greta

Quam, Kay

Racine, Sierra

Reed, Tracy

Schroeder, Cara

Skar, Stephanie

Sluke, Daniel

Smith, Annie

Thompson, Chelsea

Wagner, Diane

Weichel, Megan

Brooking, Jason

Douglas, Jamie

Files, Steve

Froseth, Tarra

Guvakosky, Sheila

Hannegrefs, Karen

Heser, Tyler

Johnson, James

Karhoff, Brandon

Lach, Andy

Lunstad, Chelsey

Menahan, Amy

Quam, Brandon

Sandbo, Mary
Schmid, Thomas

Wagner, Douglas

Wilson, Wade

Medalen, Scott

Ranum, Clarke

Askvig, Jody

Neshem, Lannette

Burau, Nicholas