Computer and Network Use


Unacceptable uses of computers and the network include, but are not limited to: giving out your password, sharing your account, using someone else's account,using your account to harass someone, visiting WWW sites deemed inappropriate by the staff and administrators of this school; violating the rights of privacy of students and employees of the District; gaining unauthorized access to computer systems or files; sending or printing inappropriate content in e-mail or other documents; using profanity, obscenity,or other language which may offensive to another user; re-posting personal communications without the author's prior consent; copying commercial software in violation of copyright law; using the network for financial gain or for any commercial or illegal activity; spreading computer viruses; downloading, storing, or printing graphics, files, or messages that are profane, obscene or uses language that offends, or tends to degrade others; creating or passing in chain letters; use of chat (IRC), newsgroups, Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), and MUDs Object Orientated (MOOs)