OFFICE: Contacts and More

BULLYING REPORT: We take your concerns seriously. Click here to file a report with our administration. Anonymity is assured.

United Public School District
Des Lacs - Burlington High School
317 Roosevelt Street
Po Box 117
Des Lacs, North Dakota 58733-0117

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the high school office. Our office phone number is
701.725.4334. If you need to send us a fax, our fax number is 701.725.4375.

Business Manager--Jody Askvig
Secretary—Lannette Neshem

United Public School District
Burlington - Des Lacs Elementary
301 Wallace Street
P.O. Box 158
Burlington, North Dakota 58722-0158

To contact the elementary office, please dial
701.839.7135. The fax number to the Burlington school is 701.838.1573.

Superintendent—Christopher Bachmeier
High School Principal--Scott Medalen
Elementary Principal—
Sue Kranz
Elementary Asst. Principal—
Kayla Andersen
Business Manager--Jody Askvig

School Board
Brett Casavant, President
Brenda Buri, Vice President
Josh Sundsbak, Director
Matthew Schaefer, Director
Chad Brown, Director
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