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From Christopher Bachmeier/Des Lacs - Burlington Superintendent of Schools Here is a letter that is being sent out to everyone in our school district regarding the recent mandated changes brought on by our governor. Please take a moment and read this letter and know how grateful I am in all the hard work that everyone is doing to guide our students through these difficult times. Click here for the PDF.

HOME GAMES We hope this clears up any confusion some may have regarding entry of home games moving forward while Ward County is in yellow. 

A Letter From Superintendent of Schools, Christopher Bachmeier New letter to the district as of September 23, 2020. Please click here to download.

Acknowledgment of Infection Risks: The risk of COVID-19 transmission will still be present as school activities begin in August and likely through the 2020-2021 school year. Students and their families, along with school personnel, must recognize these risks and implement best practices to mitigate these risks. Click here to read all the information in a download.
Elementary Health and Safety Quick Reference Guide. Click here.

From Superintendent of Schools, Christopher Bachmeier:
Good Afternoon, 
On Monday August 3, 2020 the United #7 Public School board adopted the Health and Safety Plan and Distance Learning Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  

You will notice that there are two changes from the Safety Plan that were in the draft format that was sent last week.  
  • Schools are to steer away from using colors in our plans as much as possible. This will allow for less confusion as Governor Burgum will determine the color zones.  We have shifted the plan to phases instead of colors. We can be in any of the three phases in Blue/ Green zones. We can only be in Phase II and Phase III in Orange / Yellow zones. We can only be in Phase III in the Red zone.
  • The other change comes in Phase II. We have learned that in Phase II most North Dakota schools are still sending their PK-8 students as they do in Phase I, however the hybrid of alternating days takes place in only grades 9-12. This means in Phase II our PK- 8 grade students will attend school face to face every day. The reason for this change is to help parents with the responsibilities of daycare.  Younger students are less apt to succeed in a hybrid schedule and older teenagers are more apt to spread COVID -19 than younger students.  

The school board also approved  starting in Phase I as long as Governor Burgum keeps us in the Blue/Green zone when we begin classes on August 18th. 

I want to thank everyone who played a role in this process and again ask if you plan for your child to take part in "distance learning" that you please call either the Elementary School or the High School to inform us of this decision. 

Please take care and be safe!
Christopher Bachmeier
Des Lacs - Burlington Superintendent of Schools

here to download documents.