United Public Schools

Table of Contents

A United Public School District #7
AA General Operations philosophies
AAA Philosophy of Public Schools
AAB District Goals & Objectives
AAC Nondiscrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy
AAC-BR Discrimination & Harassment Grievance Procedure
AAC-BR2 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

AACA Section 504 Dispute Resolution Policy

AB General Operations & Organization
ABA Board of Education

ABB Facility Access & Use
ABBA Safe and Drug Free Schools Policy
ABBB Use of Buildings and Properties
ABBC Displays of Religious Objects or Documents

ABC Miscellaneous Operations Policies
ABCA Wellness
ABCB Health and Safety
ABCC Wellness Policy
ABCC-AR1 Building Level Wellness Policy Coordinators
ABCC-AR2 Physical Activity and Recess Regulations
ABCC-E1 Hiring & Training Requirements for Food Services Staff
ABCC-E2 E2 Wellness Policy Assessment
ABDA Accessibility Policy
ABDA-BR1 Website Accessibility
ABEC School Meal Charge Policy

AC District Safety & Prevention Policies
ACB Medical & Health Safeguards
ACBA Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
ACBB Significant Contagious Disease

ACC School Access
ACCA Sexual Offenders on School Property

ACD Technological
ACDA Acceptable Use – Computer & Network Resource Policy

ACE Violent & Threatening Behavior
ACEA Bullying

B School Board
BA School Board Ethics
BA-BR1 School Board Ethics Regulation
BA-BR2 Board Member Internet and Social Media Use
BB Elections & Appointments
BBA School Board Elections & Terms of Office
BBB Appointments
BBBA Officers of the Board

BC Meetings of the Board
BCA Meeting Procedures
BCAA Board Meeting Agenda & Pre-Meeting Preparation
BCAB Board Meeting Procedures
BCAC Minutes

BCB Public Involvement
BCBA Public Participation at Board Meetings

BD Board Authority
BDD Compensation and Expenses for Board Members

C Administration
CA Selection, Assessment & Separation of Administrative Staff
CAA Superintendent
CAB Other Administrative Staff

CB Superintendent Authority
CBA Policy Implementation
CBAA Administrative Regulations

D Personnel
DA Personnel Policies Requirements & Implementation
DAA Role of Policy & Regulation for Non-Contracted Employees
DBB Testing

DB Hiring Practices
DBAA-AR Criminal History Record Check Screening Procedure
DBBA Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employees

DD Leaves & Absences
DDA Sick Leave
DDA-BR Sick Leave Regulations

DDB Paid Leave
DDBA Vacations

DDE Other Leaves
DDEA Jury and Witness Duty

DE Staff Code of Conduct
DEA On Duty Conduct
DEAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace
DEAD Staff Use of Electronic Devices

DG Employee Support Programs & Procedures
DGD Employee Handbooks
DGE DesLacs High School Teacher Handbook
DGF Burlington- DesLacs Elementary Staff Handbook
DGF – 1 Burlington-DesLacs Elementary New Teachers’ Tool Book
DGG Professional Development

DH Instructional Staff Duties & Requirements
DHA Licensure
DHB Duties

DI –E Personnel file records checklist

DJ Personnel Positions
DJB Part-Time Teachers
DJE Bus Drivers

DK Separation
DKA Reduction in Force Policy
DKBA Separation of At-Will Employees
DKBB Contracted Staff Resignation & Request for Release from Contract

DKD Retirement
DKDA Early Retirement

F Student

FA Admission
FAA Enrollment
FAA-1 Procedures to aid identification & location of lost, missing and runaway children
FAAA Open Enrollment
FAAC Enrollment of Suspended or Expelled Students
FAAD Tuition Agreements

FAC Transfer Students
FACA Placement & Adjustment of Transfer Students

FB General Student Policies
FBA Student Fees

FC Student Safety & Supervision
FCAC Head Lice
FCAR Faculty/Staff Authority
FCA Medical & Health Safeguards
FCAA-AR General Guidelines for Reducing Risk of Exposure to Allergens
FCAD Student Accidents Student Insurance
FCC Restraint or Seclusion

FD Special Categories of Students
FDB Education of the Homeless Students
FDB-BR Education of the Homeless Dispute Resolution Procedure
FDB-E2 United District-Level Dispute Resolution Form
FDH Students in Foster Care

FE Special Programs For Students
FEE Student Organizations
FEEA Student Government

FF Student Conduct & Discipline

FF-AR Student Conduct Standards & Disciplinary Procedures
FF-AR2 Care of Equipment

FF-E Summer and Non-Completed Suspension Policy

FFA Student Alcohol & Other Drug Use/Abuse
FFA-AR Alcohol & Other Drug Intervention Procedure

FFB Attendance & Absences

FFC Bus Conduct

FFD Carrying Weapons

FFE Extracurricular Participation Requirements
FFE-AR3 Eligibility

FFF Field & Other School-Sponsored Trips & Events

FFH Student Dress Code

FFI Student Use of Personal Technology

FFK Suspension & Expulsion

FG Student Rights & Responsibilities
FGA Student Education Records and Privacy

FGC Searches & Interrogations
FGCB Searches of Students & Students’ Personal Property

FGD Miscellaneous Rights & Responsibilities
FGDB Student Handbooks
FGDB-1 Burlington-DesLacs Student/Parent Handbook
FGDB-2 Burlington-DesLacs Elementary Pre-School Handbook
FGDD Student Publications and Freedom Expression

G Instruction
GA Curriculum
GAA Curriculum Development
GAAC Review & complaints of Instructional & Resource Material
GAAC1 Courses of Study
GAAC-BR Procedure for Reviewing complaints about Instructional/Resource

GAB Required Curricular Programs
GABA Bilingual Instruction
GABAA English Language Learners

GABD Title I Programs
GABDB Title Programs Dispute Resolution Procedure

GC Student Evaluation
GCA Placement
GCAA Placement, Promotion, Retention, & Acceleration
GCAA-AR Grade Promotion, Retention, & Acceleration Procedure
GCC Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment & Third-Party Research on Students
GCD ND State Assessments

GD Graduation
GDA Graduation Requirements

H Fiscal Management
HB Funding
HBAA Federal Fiscal Compliance

HBC Funding
HBCC Student Fundraising
HCAA Purchasing

I General Operational Programs

IB Food Services Program
ID Safety
IDC Data Protection & Security Breaches
IE Transportation
IEA Buses & School-Owned Vehicles
IEAA Bus Safety
IEAB Personnel Use of District Vehicles
IEAE School Bus Idling

K Public Relations

KA School – Community Relations
KAC Complaints
KACA Patron complaints

Updated December 2923