United Public Schools

READ THE MINUTES All regular school board meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month. We meet at 7:00 PM in the Des Lacs - Burlington School Library at Des Lacs unless otherwise posted. Click here to download the latest school board minutes as soon as it is available.

School Board

Brett Casavant, President
Brenda Buri, Vice President
Josh Sundsbak, Director
Matthew Schaefer, Director
Chad Brown, Director

  • Anyone wishing to address the School Board during the Delegation must sign on a provided clipboard giving their name and topic of concern.  This must be completed prior the Chair calling the meeting to order.

  • The Chair will recognize speakers in the order in which they registered.  If the number of speakers will exceed the Delegation time frame, generally a maximum of thirty (30) minutes, the Chair may recognize speakers out of order in order to hear both sides of an issue.

  • Each speaker will be limited to three (3) minutes.  Unused time cannot be given to another speaker.

  • The Chair will have the discretion to terminate any speaker’s time if, in the opinion of the Chair, the speaker or topic is deemed out of order.

  • All speakers will address the Chair, not the Board.

  • No action will be taken on Delegation issues at the meeting that are not already on the current agenda.  Items may be put on the agenda of future Board meetings following the policy and protocol for doing so.

  • The Chair may close the Delegation at any time for any reason.